Teramecs contributes to society as a whole through the development and supply of next generation of clinical test devices, bio-related devices, etc., as well as evolving itself to be a development-driven firm.




‣Roots are important for growth.
‣Orientation of self-driven management
‣Focus on bio-science
‣Development-led in respect for ingenuity
‣Niche market and state-of-the-art product rather than volume
‣Balance between short-term profit and long-term profit



‣Focus on bio-science
‣Participation in the collaborated researches with academies

‣Incubation, i.e. to grow seedlings in the seed-plot

 (Product development and financing)

Company Profile


‣Establishment: February 1986
‣Employee: 53
‣Capital: YEN 40 million

Quality Assurance


The following certificates were obtained
‣ISO 9001:2015
‣ISO 13485:2016

Business Profile


‣Development, manufacturing, sales and maintenance of clinical test devices
‣Biotechnology-related devices